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- Food & Snacks Serving Plates and Cutlery -

  Made from fallen palm leaves which is 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable resource, the fancy plate are meant for Side dishes, small party snacks, chocolate packing or gift packing. 

These  products are 100% compostable Food cutlery with Chemical and Toxin free and helps to save Mother Earth. You can use it Dinnerware and Tableware. The Leaf plates come under various shapes like square, rectangle, round, and bowl, etc.

These products can used used in Hotels, Wedding, Corporate party, Picnics, Coffee ops, College /school functions, Parties, Travelling and Sight seeing Hotel locations, Tourist Hotel locations , Quick Food Junctions, Snack Junctions , Food Trucks, Food Catering and Serving  etc. 


ARECA PLATES qualities:

- 100 % Biodegradable

- 100% Chemical, Bleach and Toxin free 

- 100% Leak Proof, Resists of Oil and Water

- Disposable and self compostable

- Microwave safe and Freezer Safe

- Lightweight yet strong

- Resistant to Hot and Cold

- Suitable for Hard / Liquid food

- Perfect for every occasion

- Eco-friendly

- Water resistant

- Replacement for Dinnerware  and Tableware

- Perfect for wedding & corporate dinners, Parties.

- ARECA PLATES qualities

CHEMICAL FREE – These areca leaf plates are made from chemical free production process with no chemical polish or wax finish on the plates: just pure palm leaf. Hence, they are safe for human use.

MICROWAVE SAFE - These are microwave safe and can be used for serving hot/cold food, snacks, gravy and ice-cream. It serve as great option for weddings, birthday parties and catering.

PREMIUM QUALITY & PERFECTLY CLEAN - Only the center portion of the leaves are used to ensure uniform shape and aesthetic surface. Each product goes through rigorous quality control process including UV ray treatment for improved hygiene.

ECO-FRIENDLY - These plates made from naturally fallen palm leaves hence are 100% natural. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed in manufacturing them. Being bio-degradable, their disposal do not require any special commercial facility.

ELEGANT AND STURDY– These plates are much sturdier than other available paper disposable plates. Their natural woody texture and aroma add to their fine finishing at the same time making them much more elegant.

- Necessary Certifications of Leaf Plates

It is well-established that the Areca Palm Leaf plates have been replacing the regular disposable plates to a great extent. We ensure below must tests and certifications when offering these plates.

Microbiological Test

The purpose of this particular test is to check for the presence of microbes such as fungus, E.coli on the dinnerware. This ensures that there are no health hazards associated with it. The results for Areca Palm Leaf plates have declared that there are no traces of microbes. 

Result : Passed


Food Contact Test

Food Contact Test ensures that the taste, smell, and composition of the food articles are not compromised after placing them on the Areca Palm Leaf plate. The dinnerware from UGOBEE Exports has passed this test with flying colors. 

Result : Passed


Heat Resistance Test

Multiple tests have revealed that the Areca Palm Leaf dinnerware can be placed in the microwave for 2 minutes withstanding the temperature of about 29 degrees. 

Result : Passed


Phyto sanitation - Plant & Quarantine

The fumigation of the container takes place before shipping to make sure there are no pests. This ensures that the plates have received a heads up from the Plant & Quarantine Department, India. 

Considering the number of certifications awarded to the Areca Palm Leaf Plates from UGOBEE Exports, it can be easily deduced that they are safe for use and should ideally be preferred over the regular disposable dinnerware. 

Result : Passed